Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan Sing Along to Shania Twain in New Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl LVI takes place this Sunday and we’re seeing some of the commercials leaked ahead of the Big Game including this one for Lay’s Potato Chips.

In the ad, Seth Rogan is about to get married and he sits on the steps of the front church with his pal Paul Rudd sharing some “golden memories” and a bag of Lay’s potato chips before the big moment.

The friends look back on some of their fondest moments including a “road trip in ’97” where they are driving in a convertible with the top down singing along to Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One.”

The pair reminisce on more memories (that include Lay’s potato chips, of course) and eventually the wedding takes place followed by the couple’s first dance to “You’re Still the One.”

Watch below.

Editorial credit: Tinseltown/Featureflash Photo Agency