WATCH: Brantley Gilbert Fulfills 11-Year-Old Girl’s ‘Make-A-Wish’ In New Video

This is giving us all the feels! Brantley Gilbert invited a Make-A-Wish girl named Alirix to hang out with him and his band at a recent rehearsal.  It started with a TikTok video she shared after her heart transplant.

In the video the 11-year-old said, “My name is Alirix, and my dream has always been to meet you,” the young fan said in a video shared to TikTok in early January 2022. “You helped me through my heart transplant and I listened to you all the way through and I hope I can meet you. When I was in the hospital they granted me a make-a-wish and my wish is to meet you.”

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The clip went viral and Brantley saw it.  He responded telling her, “Hey Alirix, it’s Brantley Gilbert here, I got your TikTok. I got to say that I’m so humbled that you want to meet me,” Gilbert said in a clip he filmed in his dawghouse. “My wife makes the exact opposite wish a lot. So, here’s the deal, it’s going to be awhile until we post some shows. So in the meantime, hopefully we can work something out on top of a show, but we’re going to reach out to you and let you pick any show anywhere, anytime and you come see us darling. See you soon.”

Well, he made good on that promise recently.

In a video shared on TikTok, Brantley said, ““You might’ve seen a couple of weeks back, a sweet girl named Alirix hit us up on TikTok and she made it to rehearsal. She’s actually trying to take Ben’s job,” Gilbert said, before the 11-year-old girl chimed in, “No, I don’t even know how to play the drums, so he’s good.”

“I’m glad you made it,” he told Alirix, before she graciously showcased her appreciation for inviting her, “thank you for letting me come.”

@brantleygilbert Hope to see you again soon Alirix #makeawish #humbled #brantleygilbert ♬ Hard Days – Brantley Gilbert

The “Hard Days” singer shared a longer version of the pair meeting on YouTube writing, “The hard days make ones like this that much sweeter.  So glad I got to meet sweet Alirix and her family the other day at rehearsals.  Thank you @Make-A-Wish-America for helping make it happen.”