Dad Jumps on Bull-Rider Son to Protect Him from Raging Bull! {Watch}

We’ve got a great canddiate for dad of the year here. I think this dad did what all dads would do, protect their children at any cost. This is a bold, brave move by this cowboy.

First of all, you’ve got to be a little crazy to think it’s a good idea to jump on a raging mega bull and try to ride him for 8 seconds. They don’t like that very much. We’ve seen the videos of bulls chilling out in open fields who are still mad at everything. Let alone, doing stuff to make them real upset that they’re coming after you. Still, it’s pretty cool to watch, right? As long as everyone is safe.

Everytime I see one of these videos it takes me back to my youth when a friend, Ace, decided it would be a good idea to ride a steer, a baby bull, yeah he got jacked up real bad. That was the last time he ever did that. Good on this dad for throwing himself on top of his son to protect him. Way to go, paw!