Thomas Rhett Makes Acting Debut in First Commercial for Fritos {WATCH}

Fritos has debuted their first TV commercial in 20 years! Who is the star?! None other than Thomas Rhett!

Thomas makes his acting debut in the clip, where he plays “either/or” with a friend asking him questions about what he likes better: Fritos or chips? Backroads or highways? College or pro football? 

The country singer told PopCulture that he’s been a fan of Fritos since childhood.  “I think the original makes me extremely nostalgic. Like I don’t know if your grandparents did this, my grandparents would always make chili and or Frito pie,” he said. “When they would make chili, they would crumble up the original Fritos and just like sprinkle them on top of the chili. And so like when I got approached to do this, I was like, absolutely, because this is literally part of my childhood.”

He revealed his favorite flavor has changed over the years saying, “today as a 31-year-old, man the honey barbecue twists are my go-to.”