Luke Bryan’s Wife Goes Undercover To Prank Him on American Idol {WATCH}

Luke and Caroline Bryan just took ‘Pranksmas’ to another level!

The couple are known for pulling hilarious pranks on each other, including their annual ’12 Days of Pranksmas,’ and last night Caroline brought ‘Pranksmas’ to American Idol.

Caroline enlisted the producers of the show, along with fellow judge Katy Perry, to play along as she went undercover as a crew member.

She started off dusting the piano on set a little too vigourasly and Luke is heard muttering “aggressive on the piano.”  Next, Caroline interrupted a ‘contestant’s’ audition by loudly opening a bag of chips which prompted Katy Perry to rip the bag out of the disguised Caroline’s hands.

Luke’s reaction is priceless!

Watch below.

Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins