LISTEN: Thomas Rhett Releases New Duet with Katy Perry: ‘Where We Started’

Thomas Rhett released his latest album “Where We Started” today (April 1).

The album finds inspiration in Thomas’ love story with his wife Lauren on ballads like “The Hill,” “Mama’s Front Door,” and “Us Someday.”

“Every year when we start writing songs, the writers are like ‘Do you want to write a love song?’ and it’s like, ‘What else can we say?’ How else do you say, ‘I love you?’” Thomas Rhett admits. “But literally every week I find new things that I’m just like ‘Gosh, I’m just infatuated with you.’”

The album’s title track also takes inspiration from the couple’s romantic history and features pop star Katy Perry on guest vocals.

‘Where We Started’ Track Listing 

1. The Hill (2:46)
2. Church Boots (2:58)
3. Bass Pro Hat (2:56)
4. Anything Cold (2:47)
5. Angels (3:34)
6. Half Of Me (featuring Riley Green) (3:03)
7. Bring The Bar (3:29)
8. Paradise (3:09)
9. Death Row (featuring Tyler Hubbard, Russell Dickerson) (3:51)
10. Mama’s Front Door (2:43)
11. Slow Down Summer (3:38)
12. Simple As A Song (3:22)
13. Us Someday (2:24)
14. Somebody Like Me (2:50)
15. Where We Started – Thomas Rhett + Katy Perry (3:02)

Listen to the title track below.