Gwen Stefani on First Year of Married to Blake Shelton: “I’m So Into It”

Gwen Stefani appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where the newlywed gushed about married life with Blake Shelton.

“Not just the wedding, but the marriage is so fun, and I’m so into it! So, I feel very blessed,” she told the host before talking about their home in Oklahoma.

The couple is currently working on their garden and Gwen said Blake is currently hard at work on a tractor.

“When we do things, we go big, and we’re doing major gardening,” she says. “We’re talking daffodils, we’re talking about tulips. We already did the bulbs. We’re doing wildflower seeds, now we’re doing zinnias. So, I sent him home to figure out how to till all the land and dig a well. He’s working on the well digging today.” 

Ellen asked if Blake was doing the work himself and Gwen told the host, “he likes to actually do it himself. So, I’ve gotten kinda into it with him and it’s super rewarding when you plant seeds.”

She compared planting seeds in their actual garden to planting metaphorical seeds in her life.

“I was just talking about seed planting because it’s such a huge thing in my life, and only to end up in Oklahoma planting seeds, I think about all the different seeds I’ve planted in my life,” she says. “The seeds of faith, the seeds of these wild ideas I had that actually came true, and even the one to fall in love with Blake. It’s crazy because now I’m going to go back and plant so many flowers and they’re going to bloom and it’s so exciting.”