George Strait Reveals Plans for New Album

King George is slowing down but he isn’t stopping! In a new interview with Pollstar, George Strait opened up about touring and recording new music.

The King of Country says he has a few concerts set for next year and plans to record a new album!

“I would say that I’m working at just the right pace for me. I think I’ll do eight shows next year. That’s about perfect. I’ll have plenty of time off and still be able to scratch that itch that I have for live shows.

I also want to make another record soon. I just re-signed with MCA records and I’m really excited about that and the fact that they still want me around. They’re the only record company I’ve ever been with, and I guess the only one I’ll ever have.

They can bury me under the building when that time comes.”

Strait said it was the pandemic that taught him that he isn’t ready to hang up his hat just yet.

“When live music shut down due to COVID, I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to play live again. It made me really sit back and realize how fortunate I had been all of these years to be able to do that. I mean, time was passing and I wasn’t getting any younger. It was scary.

I wasn’t ready to quit. I think after we were able to come back it gave me a different appreciation for being able to perform for people.

I really, really love doing it and I’m so appreciative that my fans still love to come hear us. Like my song says, ‘I don’t know how many more years I’ve got left to do this, but I figure a few,’ it’s true.

There’s nothing like it and I can’t describe it. Not many people get to do it at this level and I feel very lucky and blessed to be one of those few.”

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