LISTEN: Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, Carrie Underwood, & Brett Eldredge Release New Music

Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, Carrie Underwood, and Brett Eldredge all dropped new music today (April 22nd).

Let’s start with Luke.  His new album “Growin’ Up” is coming out June 24th and he released “Tomorrow Me,” a mature breakup song, co-written with Dean Dillon and Ray Fulcher.

The somber tune includes the lyrics, “Cause the tomorrow me ain’t gonna like the way things go tonight / If I let you in to think that it’ll be different this time / So maybe we should let yesterday be / ‘Cause I got to live with tomorrow me,”

Carrie Underwood dropped new music from her upcoming album, Denim & Rhinestones.

The fun female anthem titled “Crazy Angels” is being hailed as “old-school Carrie” by fans.

Brett Eldredge announced a new album AND single of the same name. “Songs About You.”

Brett says of the song, “With this song, ‘Songs About You,’ I think it kinda shows that there’s so many songs for everybody out there and everybody has that song…so, when I sing this you know I hope it takes you to a place you know if you gotta do it with a little heartbreak you gotta do a little heartbreak but I think these songs could give you what you need when you hear them, and it might remind you something or a person or a place that you were but these songs are about you and they’re about the moments that you’ve had in your life and that way that the music impacts all of us and I think that’s really powerful.”

The album hits stores on June 17th.

Last but not least, Jason Aldean’s long-awaited new album, Georgia, was released today featuring the new song, “The State I’m In.”

Jason says this album is “a reflection of where I grew up and who I’ve become.” Listen below.