Photos From My Irish Adventure!

      I am back in Virginia after the much-awaited Ireland trip that my mom and I finally got to go on! We have been trying to visit a European country together since 2019, and it had been postponed many times. It felt so amazing to be able to travel again after the world’s accessibility seemed so uncertain in 2020 and parts of 2021. We traveled with a tour group through Insight Vacations. We had traveled with them before to Italy in 2017 and had such a positive experience. I can’t recommend Insight enough! They take care of all of your excursions, a lot of your meals, and you get to meet cool and friendly people on your tour from all over the US and world.

     The only thing that was a bummer? The horrible flight delays and cancellations that we dealt with both getting there and coming back to the US. Oh my goodness- it was awful! Truly added a lot of stress to the trip. I’ve never had airport and flight experiences this bad in my life. But what does matter is that we did indeed finally make it!

      Here are a few photos of my mom and I, and of the beautiful Ireland scenery:

The city of Galway
The famous Cliffs of Moher
Amazing views driving the Ring of Kerry
Blarney Castle
Trinity College in Dublin
The gardens at Blarney Castle