We Need Your Help Getting Ahold Of Brad Paisley Before Next Saturday’s Show! ~ CASH

On Wednesday morning, the 1st. I was looking at some of the messages on the Eagle Facebook page when I came across Ruth’s message. Ruth asked us if we can help her great-granddaughter Riley get a cowboy hat signed by Brad Paisley at his upcoming show here in Virginia Beach. We usually get messages like these all the time and if we could, we would hook everyone up. This message was different.

Ruth explained that her daughter, Riley’s mom, passed away about a year ago and Riley’s mom was the person who gifted the cowboy hat to her little girl. Yeah, it got me hard! As I was holding back tears, I knew that I had to make this a personal goal of mine to help Riley get in contact with Brad Paisley.

So, here’s what we need you to do. Tag, repost, whatever it is that you can do to help us reach Brad Paisley. You can use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Below was my initial tweet to Brad. If you can retweet this and tag @BradPaisley, that would be awesome. We also need to mention Riley’s former 1st-grade teacher who got her tickets to the show, Helen McDaniels. Helen, you are an angel!