Cash Tries Cookie Dough for The First Time! [VIDEO]

Is there a food that everybody just LOVES but you’ve never tried?

When Annaliese learned that Cash has never eaten cookie dough, she set out to remedy that.

We picked up some cookie dough tubs and cookie dough scoops from Cinnaholic in Virginia Beach.  They are known for their delicious vegan cinnamon rolls, but they also have gourmet cookie dough!

And yes, it’s all vegan too.  No eggs are involved so the cookie dough is safe to eat raw.

We got the Elvis scoop for Cash with peanut butter, pretzels, and banana and Annaliese tried the confetti scoop.  To make sure Cash got the whole cookie dough experience, we also picked one of their plain cookie dough tubs to go.

Elvis Scoop
Confetti Scoop

So what did Cash think about raw cookie dough?  Is he a fan now or will he stick to the baked ones?  Watch below.

Check out Cinnaholic in Virginia Beach’s menu here.