Granger Smith’s Wife Amber Shares Hurtful DMs Blaming Them for Son River’s Death: ‘I Can’t Fault Them’

Granger Smith’s wife Amber took to Instagram this week to share some of the hurtful messages she receives following the tragic death of their son River.

Amber shared screenshots of the message on her Instagram Story on Monday, July 4th revealing a message that read, “Why was he not being properly protected and supervised? Not my business, not trying to be cruel, but to have a beautiful baby drown and then just have another kid, like … oops sorry about that one, we’ll just replace him. How do you guys deal with knowing his death was 100 percent preventable? And then just move on?”

Amber Smith on Instagram. Courtesy Amber Smith/Instagram

River died at age 3 in June 2019 after a tragic drowning at home and the actress says that it’s taken her three years to not let these comments hurt her. “I can’t fault these people. We live in a fallen world,” she wrote. “It’s taken me 3 years to not let these comments hurt me, but I forgive them. I am rooted in Jesus.”

This isn’t the first time Amber has spoken out about the hateful messages she receives.  In August of 2021 she shared, “I never like to give these people more attention than they deserve, but it’s just a reminder that we live in a dark world where people judge one another [and] say the most hurtful, cruel things. Please, think before you type or speak your opinion.” Amber encouraged her Instagram followers to “choose to be the light,” writing, “Know who you are in Christ Jesus so when flaming darts come your way you are wearing the armor of God. Not today, Satan.”

The couple welcomed their baby boy, Maverick, in August of 2021.

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