Luke Combs Shares the Top Parenting Advice He’s Received and Why He Plans Not To Take It

Luke Combs and his wife Nicole welcomed their first child, a boy, on Father’s Day.

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The happy couple is adjusting to parenthood and while they are loving every minute, they are missing out on some sleep.  Nicole shared an update on baby Tex saying, “wishing I could bottle up these days 🤍 minus this whole no sleep thing.. 😂”

Luke told ABC that prior to the baby’s birth, the number one piece of advice he received was to hire a night nurse, so the couple could get some sleep overnight.

“The number-one thing I’ve heard is — gosh, what do they call it, a night nurse? That’s a thing I’ve heard about,” he shared. “That’s a thing that I’ve heard about, which I was just completely unaware of that existing.”

Luke shared that the couple wanted to “give it a run for a while and just kind of do it on our own.”

“This child didn’t have a choice to be born. You know, it was our choice to bring him into the world,” he continued. “So I think it would be super selfish of me to go, ‘Oh, now I don’t have time to do this thing.’ And I think trying to do that on our own is something that we’re looking forward to.”

Still, the new parents admitted that they may change their minds later. “Maybe a month of no sleep will change my outlook on that. Who knows,” he said.

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