Scott is Chesapeake Animal Services’ Oldest Cat in Residence at 10-Years-Old and Needs a Home

Scott is up for adoption at Chesapeake Animal Services.

At 10 years old, he is their oldest resident and his adoption fee is only $10! He was found as a stray so we don’t know a lot about him but we do know he’s super laid back, friendly and gets along with other cats. When I walked into the cat colony, he was snoozing his cat bed and started purring as soon as I picked him up.

It’s Clear the Shelters month at CAS and they are offering reduced adoption fees:

Dogs: $75

Cats: $50

Small animals: $3-20 depending on the species

Visitation and Adoption Hours are 10am-4pm today!

Save a life, adopt from your local shelter.❤️