Garth Brooks Partners with Metro Nashville Police to Fund a Police Substation in Downtown Nashville

Garth Brooks is teaming up with the Metro Nashville Police Department to open a police substation in Downtown Nashville. The country superstar offered to pay for its development at no cost to taxpayers.  The substation would work to help with traffic control and safety and be located adjacent to the bar he’s opening.

According to a press release from Nashville mayor John Cooper, a new Metro Nashville Police Department substation will be constructed by Garth at no cost to the city in the alleyway beside his bar, located at 411 Broadway in what used to be Downtown Sporting Club and before that, Paradise Park (RIP).

The development will also include a Nashville Department of Transportation control room to help reduce traffic on the busy street.

“Lower Broadway is an iconic destination for fans of world-class music, sports and a good time, but as Nashvillians know well, it can also create safety and traffic challenges that my office is working hard to tackle across multiple fronts,” said Mayor John Cooper. “I commend Garth Brooks for stepping up to help make Lower Broadway safer and more enjoyable for everyone. These additional resources will add new tools to reduce traffic and improve community safety downtown while continuing to prioritize other initiatives for neighborhoods and families throughout Davidson County.”

“I am deeply grateful to Garth and his team for including space that will serve as a mini hub for our operations in the Broadway entertainment district,” said Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake. “This unique partnership will help enhance public safety for downtown residents and visitors.”

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Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins