Luke Bryan on His “Rivalry” with Jason Aldean: “We Have a Damn Blast With Each Other’s Success”

Luke Bryan appeared on the “Full Send” podcast where he asked about his “rivalry” with Jason Aldean.

The country singer shared that from 2002-2022 they were both on top of the charts but never competitive. “We’ve loved we love each other for all the right reasons and we have a damn blast with each other’s successes,” he shared.

“He would win like artists of the year and then I would win the album of the decade,” he continued. “Or he won artists of the decade and I won an album of the decade and we’re like drinking and shooting tequila about it and we don’t you know man we had so much fun together.”

Luke said there was even a time he won an award he thought Jason deserved it more. He also compared their success to current artists like Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs. “They’re in that zone and when I talk to those boys on the phone I ask, ‘Y’all Having Fun?’ and that’s what they should be doing,” he said.

Watch below.