Kelsea Ballerini Hints at Falling Out with Halsey on New Album

Kelsea Ballerini’s new album Subject to Change is here.

The country singer described the new collection of music saying, “if i’m honest, growing up it kinda hurts like hell…and for me, it sounds like this. internal observations, drunken conversations, diehard friendships, jumping in hopeful, owning the cringe, doing my best.”

The album includes a song titled, “Doin’ My Best,” that seemingly alludes to a fall out with pop singer Halsey.

“I was friends with a pop star/I put ’em on track four but/Wish I could take it back, I would’ve never asked/If I knew we wouldn’t talk anymore,” Ballerini sings on the new song.

The pair collaborated on track number four. “The Other Girl,” which appeared on her third album, Kelesa.

Ballerini told Consequence,  “I’m a human, and life is messy, and there’s some things that I wanted to take ownership for,” she said. “It’s a little embarrassing and a little cringey, but that’s my human experience.”

She added the title of the song came to her while she was journaling on New Year’s Eve last year. Kelsea told the outlet that she chooses a word each year to set the tone for the 365 days to follow but this year instead of choosing just one word, she landed on a phrase — “I’m just doing my best.”

Take a listen to the song below.