Luke Combs Wants to Give Hope to Self-Conscious Kids: “Things Are Going To Be Alright”

Luke Combs is an inspiration to many aspiring singer-songwriters and he hopes to be an inspiration to kids that look like him as well.

The country singer shared in a new interview with The Washington Post, “There’s probably some other chubby kid out there that is self-conscious about the way he looks, and he’s a great singer — and if he digs into that and does that, and it’s because of something he heard me say that would be a win for me to give somebody hope that things are going to be all right.”

Luke’s wife Nicole has spoken out about people body-shaming her husband. In 2019, she called out trolls on Twitter saying, “grow up. It’s 2019. The double standard for this is absolutely disgusting.”

Luke also talked in the interview about how Garth Brooks inspired him as a new Dad. Brooks famously left behind his music career to focus on his family.

“That should be the No. 1 thing on the Garth resume,” Combs said. “It shouldn’t be ‘30 No. 1 songs’ or whatever it is. It should be ‘gave up his entire career and existence for 14 years to make sure his kids had some semblance of a normal upbringing.’ ”

(Washington Post)