Sharks Swimming in Neighborhoods, Residents Swimming in Flooded Homes, and More Crazy Sights from Florida

There have been some incredible sights Wednesday as Hurricane Ian struck Florida.

With storm surge driving seawater inland, a shark was sighted swimming in a neighborhood in Ft. Myers.

The Sunken Gardens botanical preserve in St. Petersburg had to move its flamingos into a restroom to keep them out of harm’s way.

21 Waffle House restaurants in Florida were closed. FEMA famously follows an informal “Waffle House Index” to rate the severity of a storm, with closures denoting the worst.

Tampa Bay’s waters receded so severely that the floor of the bay was visible, similar to the runup to a tsunami.

Some idiots went swimming by a Ft. Myers fishing pier as the storm surge mounted.

A news reporter and another man rescued a dog caught in rising waters.

One man’s house flooded, so he decided to go for a swim. Authorities caution against this.

photo credit: YES Market Media