You Need to See the Famous Peabody Ducks!

While visiting the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital campus was the biggest highlight of going to Memphis, seeing the world-famous Peabody Hotel Ducks was a close second! If you haven’t heard of the Peabody Ducks before, let me fill you in. The historic Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis has been home five (rotating) North American mallard ducks since the 1930s. The Peabody Ducks reside overnight in the Duck Palace on top of the hotel, and everyday at 11am the official Peabody Duck Master marches them to the hotel lobby, where they swim and play in the beautiful fountain! And then at 5pm, they are marched out of the fountain and back up to the Duck Palace. They march down a red carpet that’s set up just for them! It sounds so simple, but it is one of the cutest and most charming things that I have ever seen. I loved getting to watch the Duck March three times while in Memphis!

I had to get a video of the Duck Master doing his thing! Check it out below. I was truly charmed by the Peabody Ducks! If you’re ever in Memphis, be sure to stop by to see these famous feathered hotel residents do their thing.


It’s been on my travel bucket list for years to watch the Peabody Ducks do their march! I finally got to visit Memphis and stay at the hotel for a work trip- and this was a highlight! 🦆 😀 #peabodyducks🦆 #thepeabodymemphis #thepeabodyhotel #memphis #memphistn #travelbucketlist #ducks #thepeabodyhotelmemphis @ThePeabodyMemphis

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