Kane Brown Opens Up About Childhood Abuse in New Interview

Kane Brown appeared on “CBS This Morning” from his home in Nashville, TN. The singer welcomed Gayle King for an in-depth discussion about his new album, “Different Man,” his family life, and how music helped him escape a rough childhood.

Brown opened up about the abuse he suffered as a child saying, “I had a crazy childhood.  I had to grow up a lot faster than a normal person.” 

“Moving around a lot.  No father figure, child abuse.  [I was] beat a lot,” he shared. “One of my stepdads punished me by shaving my head bald and put aftershave on me and made me physically eat a half bar of soap.  Not just bite, physically eat it and swallow it.  All kinds of crazy things.”

Kane vowed to create a different life for his wife Kaitlyn, and their two daughters, Kodi and Kingsley.  “I just always knew that I was going to try and be there for [my family].  And I always wanted to give them the life that I never had,” he said.