Morgan Wallen Flies 5-Year-Old Battling Leukemia to Meet Him in Texas

Earlier this month, Morgan Wallen flew a five-year-old girl named Gracie to his headlining show in Texas.

Gracie is fighting leukemia, and she’s a HUGE fan.

@prayersforgracie We’re on our way to see you Morgan Wallen♥️#WeStickTogether #fypシ #fightingleukemiawithadance ♬ original sound – songs!🫶🏽🫶🏽

Morgan took the time to meet with her and her family, and her mom shared a video of the moment on TikTok.

@prayersforgracie Gracie meeting her biggest fan! @morganwallen @brettfitness #dreamcametrue❤️ #WeStickTogether #fightingleukemiasincebirth #teamgracie #fightingleukemiawithadance #fypシ ♬ original sound – Gracie

The story behind their encounter is even sweeter. A young fan named Brevin met Morgan back in July and during their meeting, Morgan asked Brevin what he wanted for his upcoming 13th birthday.  Brevin asked that Morgan meet Gracie, who he followed on TikTok.

Brevin knew how much she loved the singer too and Morgan promised to make it happen.

@prayersforgracie Thank you so much brevin!! Your such an amazing young fella!! @kajun_layne @morganwallen #morganwallen ♬ original sound – Gracie

Gracie’s mom shared more videos on Instagram, including the moment Gracie saw Morgan sing. So precious!

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