Shania Twain Releases Deluxe Edition of “Come On Over” with Nick Jonas, Elton John, and Chris Martin Duets

Surprise! Shania Twain released a Deluxe Edition of her 1997 smash album “Come On Over” this week

The release is part of Apple Music’s holiday countdown From Apple Music With Love.

This version features TWO live duets of “You’re Still the One”.  There’s the version she did with Elton John in Miami back in 1999.  The other is the one she recorded with Chris Martin earlier this year in Vegas.

There’s also a duet with Nick Jonas on “Party for Two”.  That was recorded at Stagecoach back in 2017. 

“Come On Over” is recognized by “Guinness” as the best-selling studio album by a solo female artist.  It also features “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, and “Honey, I’m Home”.

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