What Was in Annaliese’s Mysterious UPS Package?

On Monday, I came home to a notice from UPS left on my door. They said they had tried to deliver me a package when I wasn’t home, and the package required a 21+ adult signature to claim, so they couldn’t leave it. On Tuesday, I came home to the same thing! Another note that they had missed me again.

I had no idea who had sent me this mystery package! As far I as I knew, every Christmas gift that I was expecting from loved ones out-of-town had already arrived. On Wednesday, I got home from work RIGHT as the UPS truck was about to leave my building. I was able to stop the driver just in time! I brought the package to work to open live this morning on-air! I was also able to get some tips from the UPS driver on what to do if this situation ever happened again.

Here’s what was inside the box!