Russell Dickerson’s Wife Kailey Opens Up About Pregnancy Loss in 2022: “Baby, Here or in Heaven You’ll Always Be Mine”

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Our condolences go out to Russell Dickerson and his wife Kailey. Kailey took to Instagram to share the sad news that the couple had experienced a miscarriage in September.

“In the middle of the craziest year we have ever had, we lost a baby in September at 8 weeks… It felt like drowning and trying to swim towards sun to find the surface. I didn’t know if I’d ever share this, but something about going into this next year, I needed to leave this news in 2022. The loss; however, is something that will always be written into our story. I know I’ll share more about it when I’m ready, but for now, and for the last several months, I’m holding these two extra close…”

Fellow country stars shared their support in the comments with Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman writing, “Prayers and love and empathy for you, my friend. I understand the pain.”

Kailey shared a follow-up post thanking followers for their support and sharing a poem that she wrote following their loss.

My heart beat yours and you were learning to grow
Eyes that would beam and a little round nose
All your ten fingers and all your ten toes
Now running on the streets of gold

Tethered to Jesus, come close to you mother and father.
Sing heavenly songs over us and your brother.
With no rhyming reasons or answers We’ll know, you my love, had to go.

Oh how we long to see what you see
Oh how we long to know what you know.

For a moment in time your life was in mine. But you were called up to the great divine.
May Jesus hold you till i get to the other side.
May he rock you and comfort both you and I
Baby, here or in heaven you’ll always be mine.