Blake Shelton Shares How He Convinced Jimmy Buffett to Co-Write the Theme Song for “Barmageddon”

Blake Shelton’s new show “Barmageddon” features bar games on a large scale and a theme song co-written by Jimmy Buffett.

The show, which airs on USA, features Blake’s co-star on The Voice Carson Daly. In each episode, two celebrities play a unique set of five games in the bar to win a much-needed prize for a viral Internet sensation each has chosen to support.

Blake told USA Today that he initially wanted to use Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Margaritaville” for the show but ultimately, Buffett wrote a new original song instead.

“So when you do these television shows, and you’re gonna perform a song, you have got to reach out to the writers of the song and get permission,” Blake told the outlet. “I have a mutual friend with Jimmy Buffett…and we reached out to get permission to sing ‘Margaritaville’ as one of the intro songs – every show opens with a sing-along song,” he explained, “I got an email back from [them], they just forwarded Jimmy’s email back to him on to me that said, ‘Yeah, they can do this song…I love the title of that TV show. That sounds like a good song.’”

So Blake decided to take it a step further and ask Jimmy to write a new song as well. “I figured Jimmy Buffett can pull this off if anybody in the world can,” he said. “It’s got to be Jimmy Buffett…it ends up being perfect. I mean, it really is actually just [a] good, fun song. It gets stuck in your head, and I mean, who else can that Jimmy Buffet wrote the theme song for the TV show,” Shelton added.