Old Dominion Take a Trip Down “Memory Lane” on New Single

Country music has a rich history of heartbreak songs from “He Stopped Loving Her Today” to “Whiskey Lullaby” and “I Drive Your Truck.”

Old Dominion is following suit with their new single “Memory Lane.”

Written by band members Matt Ramsey, Brad Tursi, and Trevor Rosen along with songwriter Jessie Jo Dillon, “Memory Lane” tells the story of a man looking back on a lost love.

“Sometimes, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, or missing someone, or maybe just feel a little nostalgic, there are places in my mind I can go that are full of memories of simpler times,” Ramsey explains in a statement. “It’s a location, or a person, or a feeling that will always live in my memories, and I can close my eyes and transport myself there anytime I want and experience it all again. I think we all have that time in our life that will remain forever perfect in our hearts. Sometimes we wish we could just stay there and never leave.”Thinkin’ ’bout those sunsets that bled into jean jacket nights

Those tangled up mornings lost in paradise
Still drunk on the feeling when I close my eyes
You’re pulling me closer, your head on my shoulder
We’d never let go and we’d never be over

Take a listen:

This is the band’s first new single since their top 15 hit, “No Hard Feelings.”