George is a Low-Maintenance But Spunky Senior Looking for a Home

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George is currently in foster and available for adoption through B.A.R.C. Dogs (Bully Advocate Rescue Collective). He is a spunky old man who loves his people and is always looking for an adventure or tasty snack. If you’re willing to offer him either one, you’ll have a friend in him for life! As a senior dog, George is the best pick! He’s old enough to have plenty of gentlemanly manners and self control. He’s also fully grown (so there won’t be any surprises with size or weight). Senior dogs are perfectly low maintenance- they only ask for a soft place to snooze, a snack here and there, and a walk every now and then.

Originally from Surry County, George hadn’t known much kindness before he landed his spot in his Newport News foster home. But he holds no grudge and instead, shows love and gratitude for his new life. He’s appreciating the finer things in his new digs- he has his own snack cupboard, a running tab at the local Chick Fil A, and toy box full of soft stuffies (his favorites are Lamb Chop and a pink stuffed unicorn). George has also claimed his foster mom’s electric blanket for his famous mid-afternoon siestas.

In his foster home, George lives with two other dogs, a spaniel mutt and a lab/shepherd mix. George gets along great with his foster brothers and enjoys having pals to romp around with. George also does great with kids. When his foster family goes on vacation, George stays at BARC Headquarters where he’s gotten to experience farm life! At HQ, George enjoys the company of 5 dogs, some chickens, and even a few goats!

George has just finished his heartworm treatment so he is ready for a family of his own to love and take care of! BARC is also willing to pay for a complete dental for George so he will be happy and healthy in his new home.

George is always good for a laugh after a long day and is an expert cold weather cuddle buddy. He’s usually sporting the biggest dopiest smile across his face that breaks out almost immediately after petting his velvety soft hippo head. When enjoying pets, George will collapse into a soft lap to rest his head to take a snooze. Don’t mind his cute little piggy snores. 🙂 

George’s foster family wants his future furever family to know that he is so much fun. His ideal adopters would make sure that he is included in plenty of fun adventures (the more excuses George has to let his snout hit the sunshine and let his floppy ears flap in the breeze, the happier it would make him). George’s future family would make sure to have all of his favorite snacks on hand (Pupperoni, cheese, and pizza crust are the way to his heart). Lastly, George’s forever family would show him unwavering love, grace, and friendship. In exchange, George vows to return the favor tenfold. George’s foster family is confident that he will make an excellent friend to an extremely lucky family.