Kane Brown Strikes a Spectator While Golfing and Shares Their Priceless Interaction

Kane Brown recently made the best of a bad drive — and so did his victim.

While out on the golf course recently, Brown hit a ball that went a little haywire.  The country singer shouted “fore,” but unfortunately, his ball found a target, a spectator on the sidelines.

Both Kane and the victim made light of the injury in a clip shared on social media.

“Please tell me you kept the ball,” Brown said after he found the man he hit. “I feel like I need to take a picture. This is gonna sound really weird, but I’m gonna need you to lift your shirt up for me.”

The man complied and lifted his shirt to reveal a bruise on his side. Later he shared, “I’m standing over here, minding my own business, and little do I know Kane gets me right in the side, but it was worth it for the signed ball right there, baby. It was worth it for the signed ball.”

Take a look:

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It happens to the best of them! Even Tiger Woods has hit a fan in the fairway.