{WATCH} How To Be a Seat Filler at The Grammys and Other Awards Shows.

Did you know that you could have the chance to attend popular, once-in-a-lifetime type awards shows like The Grammys and The Oscars for FREE? Popular awards shows often need extra bodies in the audience and make the entire room look full. You can apply to be a seat filler for certain events through websites like SeatFillersandMore.com.

While seat filler websites do provide free event tickets, each guest is responsible for their own outfit, meals and transportation. Marrah Delmont, a seat filler at last weekend’s Grammys, had been trying for years to score a ticket to this event. She finally got in this year. She shares all about her experience on TikTok HERE!


My experience as a seatfiller for the 2023 Grammys! #seatfiller #grammys #2023grammys

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