Zach Bryan Invites Young Fan On Stage To Play Saxophone After Meeting at Airport

Zach Bryan ran into a young fan at the airport recently. The “Something in the Orange” singer was on his way to play in Aspen when the fan approached him at the airport.

The fan, whose name is Wynne, asked for a photo and told Bryan that he wanted to see his show but couldn’t get tickets.  Wynne was carrying a saxophone at the time and Bryan told him he could come to the concert…but only if he agreed to play the sax on stage.

Wynn’s mom, Merrill, shared a video from the show where Zach shared the story:

Thank you guys so much. Hey, so I have a super funny story. I was in the Aspen airport when we landed, and I met this kid named Wynne.

And he rips, he had a saxophone with him. He was, ‘Hey man, I couldn’t get tickets to your show.’

And he had the saxophone and I was like, ‘Well, man, if you play the saxophone, you can come.’ And he was like, ‘Alright.’”

The proud mom also shared a few videos of her son’s performance.

He was so good Zach invited him back for their second show!