LISTEN: Tim McGraw Releases “Life-Affirming” New Song “Standing Room Only”

Tim McGraw is following in the footsteps of his previous hit “Live Like You Were Dying” with a poignant new song, “Standing Room Only.”

The song shares a theme of recognizing what’s important in life and was also co-written by Craig Wiseman.

Tim shared on social media, ‘For me, this song is so positive and life affirming… it caught my ear the first time I heard it. I hope it can be a reminder to live a life filled with gratitude, and not take things for granted. “Standing Room Only” is out now! I hope you love the message as much as I do. Link in bio!

Tim McGraw, “Standing Room Only” Lyrics:

I get so mad at things that don’t matter / Way too much / I let the way back whens and my old friends / Scatter like they were dust / I get to chasing that rainbow, pot of gold / right into the pouring rain / With nothing to show for it / Standing there soaking wet / Lookin’ up shakin’ my fist as the thunder rolls / Now and then on nights like this I catch a thunderbolt.

I wanna live a life / Live a life / Like a dollar and the clock on the wall don’t own me / Shine a light, shine a light / Like mama’s front porch when I’m lost and lonely / Start forgiving and start forgetting / Be somebody that’s worth rememberin’ / Live a life so when I die / There’s standing room only, standing room only.

I wanna take my grudges and my old regrets and let ‘em go / I want to learn how to say a lot more yes and a lot less no / Girl I wanna dance and shout and love out loud and come alive / Don’t wanna be the guy too cool to laugh and too scared to cry.

Repeat Chorus

Stop judging my life by my possessions / Start thinking about how many headlights will be in my procession.

Repeat Chorus