We Tried Dolly Parton’s Cornbread and Biscuit Mix to See Which One is Better [WATCH]

I’m baking my way through Dolly Parton’s baking mixes and this time, we’re trying the cornbread and biscuits.

I’ve made a lot of cornbread in the past using other mixes and it’s always so dry! This called for a lot of milk and butter so I had high hopes for a moist cornbread. As for making biscuits, this was my first time making one that didn’t involve popping open a can haha.

Cornbread Pros: The cornbread recipe is much simpler. The biscuits require rolling out the dough *unless you opt for a drop biscuit. I definitely rolled my dough too thin and didn’t get the thick fluffy biscuit on the cover so don’t blame Dolly that they look more like “disc-uits” than biscuits.

Biscuit pros: the Cornbread deflated a little in the middle and I worried it wasn’t cooked all the way through (Despite the toothpick coming out clean) but the outer pieces came out perfect!

Cornbread wins!

Overall the cornbread is better by itself and everyone agreed the biscuits would be better with butter and jam or as a breakfast sandwich.

I also think they would be better rolled out thicker so there’s some user error that may have skewed our taste test.

Either way, Dolly’s done it again.  The cornbread was hands down the best cornbread I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to give the biscuits another go.