LISTEN: If You Speed Up Morgan Wallen, He Sounds Exactly Like Miley Cyrus

Are Morgan Wallen and Miley Cyrus the SAME PERSON?  (???)  Obviously not, but that’s the joke everyone’s been making on TikTok.

Someone realized if you pitch Morgan’s voice up, he sounds EXACTLY like Miley.  The song it’s supposed to work best with is “Cover Me Up”.

@nathantriskais she pulling a real life hannah montana just dressing up as him?? never seen them in a room together

♬ cover me up – 🤠🤠

@gmiller2224 I swear every song it sounds like her too #fyp #morganwallen #mileycyrus #country #spedupsounds #hannahmontana ♬ cover me up – 🤠🤠

The fact that Morgan’s a big Miley fan makes it even better.

@vanillaicethefish Morgan Wallen & Miley Cyrus collab needs to happen!!!!! He even said he wants to himself!!! 🙏🥺😍 #morganwallen #mileycyrus #morganwallenmileycyrus #morganwallentiktok #morganwallenfyp ♬ cover me up – 🤠🤠