Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey Fractures Pelvis After ATV Accident

Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey is recovering from an ATV accident that left his pelvis fractured in three places.

The singer shared an update on Instagram on Tuesday telling fans that the band’s upcoming tour dates in Key West, Florida, will have to be postponed until March 2024.

“I’m afraid I have some disappointing news. I was in an ATV accident that has left my pelvis fractured in three places,” Ramsey shared. “The good news is it’s gonna heal just fine. The bad news is I’m gonna have to stay home and recover for a little while. I know we all had plans to sing and dance together in Key West. I was looking forward to that so much! We will make it up to you! I promise we’ll keep you updated on my recovery and any other shows that might be affected. This tour has been such a blast so far this year and before you know it I’ll be back out there with No Bad Vibes!”

It was nearly two years ago that Ramsey fell off a ladder while changing a lightbulb, leaving him with a collapsed lung and a broken rib.