Michael Ray’s “Get Her Back” Video Features Carly Pearce Look-A-Like; Hints at His Side of the Story

Carly Pearce’s self-described divorce album, “29:  Written in Stone”, told her side of the breakup with fellow country singer Michael Ray and now it seems that he is sharing his.

Michael Ray released his “Get Her Back” video and it features an actress that bears a striking resemblance to Carly Pearce.

That’s not where the similarities end either.  The video shows the couple laughing together while wearing under-eye patches.  Look familiar?

And there’s more…

Michael’s ex in the video is drinking red wine (Carly is a self-proclaimed wine lover), and the dog featured in the video is the same breed as Michhael’s real-life ex.

Take a look and see if you recognize any more similarities.