McDonald’s Is Changing Its Burgers, Including the Big Mac

McDonald’s is making changes to their iconic burgers.

The fast-food chain announced that Big Macs and other burgers are getting softer buns, meltier cheese, and tastier onions, and Big Macs are getting more Big Mac sauce.

A writer for PEOPLE magazine tried it.  She says it makes it more like a “messy pub burger” than a quote, “run-of-the-mill drive-thru” thing.  (Here’s a photo.)

McDonald’s describes the new buns as “pillowy buns that are freshly toasted to a golden brown.”

The onions will now be added to the burgers on the grill to create a more “caramelized flavor.”

The new burgers are already being rolled out in a few West Coast cities, including Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and L.A.  They’ll be everywhere else by early next year.

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