Miranda Lambert’s “Engagement” Meatloaf is So Good It Might Prompt Marriage Proposals

Miranda Lambert can add “best-selling author” to her list of accomplishments.  The singer’s new cookbook “Y’all Eat Yet?” debuted at the top of Amazon’s cookbook lists and hit Number Two on their overall bestsellers list.

The star recipe is her mom Bev’s “famous meatloaf”, and that’s not an exaggeration.  Miranda told Access Hollywood, “It was an editor’s pick in ‘Southern Living’ [magazine] a decade ago, and she now calls it famous.”

Bev’s meatloaf is so good it makes people want to love you forever.  In fact, it was the first thing Miranda cooked for her husband Brendan’s family.

Miranda shared, “When anybody’s ever been dating someone serious or bringing them home, you either bring them to mom’s house to have it or call and ask her how to make it because that’s how you know you’re getting serious with somebody.”

She adds, “If you make the loaf for your significant other, you might get engaged.  It’s a thing.  It’s engagement meatloaf.”

Take a look:

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