Jon Pardi Receives Surprise Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry from Alan Jackson at Stagecoach Festival

Jon Pardi received the surprise of a lifetime while performing at the Stagecoach Festival on Friday, April 26th. Pardi was on stage with Food Network star Guy Fieri when Alan Jackson appeared on the video screen behind him with a special message.

In the message, Jackson expressed his appreciation for Pardi’s music and the impact he has had on the country music scene. Jackson went on to say that he had the honor of inviting Pardi to become the first native Californian to join the prestigious Grand Ole Opry.

“The Grand Ole Opry has always meant a lot to me and everybody in country music, and I’ve been appreciating your music ever since you were touring with me a few years ago,” said Jackson. “So, I get the honor to invite you in front of all your Stagecoach friends out there to be the first native of California to become an official member of the Grand Ole Opry. So, congratulations, Jon. Here’s to you.”

Pardi was visibly moved by the surprise invitation and expressed his gratitude to Jackson, the Grand Ole Opry, and his fans. “It’s just an honor, you know, to have Alan Jackson do that,” said Pardi. “And to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry, I mean, that’s something that you don’t even dream of. It’s just amazing.”

The Grand Ole Opry held its first live broadcast from Nashville, Tennessee in 1925. Since then, the Opry has been a showcase for many of country music’s biggest stars, and becoming a member is considered one of the highest honors in the industry.

Pardi will join a prestigious list of Grand Ole Opry members that includes country music legends such as Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, and Johnny Cash, among others.