Georgia Driver Goes Full Tilt “Dukes of Hazzard” After Jumping a Tow-Truck! {Watch}

Look at this guy! Maybe it’s a lady? Is it Evil Knievel?

This makes my older bro and me jumping into my mom’s car through her windows look weak! My Mom used to get really mad at us when we did that. I’ve always wanted a car that I had to enter by climbing the window.

Let’s take a trip to Valdosta, Georgia.  That’s where a tow truck was on a highway with its ramp down, ready to pick up a car, when a different car came barreling down the road and onto the truck’s ramp . . .

The car flew about 120 feet before hitting another car.  Two people were injured.  Thankfully, it was all caught on video. Yee Haw!!!!