Brown Tabby Cat Rescued From a Hoarding Situation Seeks Loving Home

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Helen is up for adoption through PETA.  This young brown tabby was just one of many animals found living in a hoarding situation.  Helen needed urgent medical attention for a ruptured cornea—a painful injury often caused by an untreated infection or trauma to the eye, both likely outcomes from her living situation. Thankfully, Helen’s former owner agreed to let PETA’s fieldworkers take her to find her a new suitable home and to receive proper medical treatment.

After a course of antibiotics, pain medication, and some time recovering in a comfortable foster home, Helen has healed beautifully. While her affected eye will always have a scarred, cloudy appearance, this doesn’t affect her quality of life.

Helen is exceptionally sweet, social, and friendly. Her hobbies include perching on cat trees and the backs of couches, accepting treats from her human devotees, and gazing out the window at the local wildlife.  She is a big fan of wand toys and lives by the motto, “Play hard, Sleep hard.”

Interested in meeting or adopting Helen?  Email [email protected].