Watch an Entire Waffle House Break Out in a Luke Combs Sing-a-long

A Tampa area Waffle House was full of Luke Combs fans following his recent show at Raymond James Stadium.

While customers waited for the food they broke into a rendition of “Hurricane” in a viral video shared on TikTok.

@mikewilk1967 #lukecombs #tampabay #wafflehouse Luke Combs sing a long after his Tampa Concert July 8th 2023. @Luke Combs ♬ original sound – Mike Wilk

This isn’t the only recent Luke Combs sing-along to go viral.  In another TikTok video, a group of 4th graders on a field trip belted out “She Got the Best of Me” on the school bus.

@ddbannister09 #lukecombs #shesgotthebestofme #smalltownusa #country #louisiana ♬ original sound – Deborah Bannister

Luke Combs brining fans together everywhere!