Country Stars on Cameo: Here Are the Top 5 Most Expensive Artists

You can get a personalized messages from your favorite artists thanks to the website Cameo. The celebrity greeting service lets users search thousands of stars offering personalized videos…for a price.

While not all of your favorite country stars are on Cameo, many are, including Carly Pearce, Sara Evans, Randy Travis, and more.

So who charges the most for a personalized video on Cameo?  That distinction goes to Michael Martin Murphy. The country singer, whose song “Wildfire” came out in 1975, charges $500 for one personalized message.  Rounding out the Top 5 is Lee Greenwood ($400), LeAnn Rimes ($333), Rodney Atkins ($299), and Mike Gossin from Gloriana ($250).

Country legend Randy Travis will cost you $200, Carly Pearce is less at $85 and her ex-husband Michael Ray is only 30 bucks!  The Naked Cowboy, a popular New York City sighting, is also listed as a country singer on the app and charges $50 for a message, presumably in his cowboy hat and underwear only.

So there you go!  Who would you like to receive a personalized message from?