Carly Pearce Shares “Humbling” Moment on Flight When Nobody Knew Who She Was [WATCH]

Carly Pearce experienced an unexpected dose of humility this week during a Southwest flight. On Wednesday, as her “CMA Fest” set was being broadcast on ABC, Carly found herself surrounded by passengers who had no idea who she was. With her good sense of humor intact, Carly took the situation in stride and shared the video with her fans.

In the clip, Carly approaches the flight attendants, eager to share her “CMA Fest” moment. While some of them act excited for her, they were admittedly unaware of her identity. One friendly gentleman even gives her an enthusiastic double thumbs-up before asking her name!

She shows two more flight attendants on her way off the plane, and their reaction is crickets.  The person filming jokes that no one believed her. She didn’t let it get her down though.  The video ends with her dancing through the airport.