Dierks Bentley Hangs New Photos at Virginia Concert Venue: “Not Getting the Respect I Feel Like We Deserve”

Rodney Dangerfield once said, “I don’t get no respect” and it looks like Dierks Bentley was feeling the same.

At a recent show in Bristow, Virginia, the star decided to change up the backstage decor at Jiffy Lube Live after noticing he was missing from the displayed concert photos.

“Backstage at a lot of these places, you see pictures of McGraw and Jason Aldean… guys that have headlined these places and sold them out,” he shared in a video on Instagram. “I’ve headlined these places and sold them all out many times, and just not getting the respect I feel like we deserve as a band. So my buddy Zach Belcher created a few of these beautiful portraits, and if they are not going to hang them up for us, we are going to hang them up ourselves.”

Bentley revealed a few choices before hanging one and saying, “Sometimes…you just got to do it yourself.”