Brett Young and Sam Hunt Bond Over Being a Girl Dad: ‘It Softens You’

Brett Young and Sam Hunt are on tour together this summer and bonding over more than just the music.

Brett told  Entertainment Tonight Canada that they have bonded over their shared “girl dad” statues.

“Yeah. It’s funny, we’ve talked about it a little bit. And also our wives have seen each other on tour,” Young told the outlet. “I mean, I think it really softens you as a dude, you know, you kind of think when you’re doing well in life, you think you’re all of that,” he continued. “That’s the cliché expression, but you have little girls and they remind you that you’re not.”

Brett and his wife Taylor have two daughters.  Three-year-old Presley, and two-year-old Rowan.  Sam and his wife Hannah have a 14-month daughter named Lucy and they’re expecting their second child later this year.