Dustin Lynch Opens Up About Being Single in His Late 30s

Dustin Lynch just released his sixth studio album, Killed the Cowboy. He did an interview with Music Mayhem about the new album and called his new songs a “timestamp” on this chapter of his life. One notable thing about Dustin’s current life chapter? He’s still single at 38.

Dustin tells Music Mayhem “There’s a pressure in country music of, ‘Why isn’t he married?  What’s wrong with him?  Why didn’t he have kids?’  A lot of artists I came up with have found their person and are having kids, and the fans are super invested in that.”

“I don’t really have that, but I’ve realized that’s okay,” Dustin continued. “It’s my specific journey, and I’ve realized as I’ve started talking through and about this album and kind of what I’m going through that there’s a lot of other people out there like me, and you know, it’s okay to be single in this world and make sure that you’re sure before you sign up for the rest of your life with someone.”