FLAUNT YOUR HAUNT! If You Dare…{Watch}

It’s my favorite time of year. Football season! Well, yeah, but it’s also spooky season in Hampton Roads and we would love to know if you’ve gone the extra mile to scare trick-or-treaters this year. If this is you or a neighbor, let us know and we’ll put you on our Flaunt Your Haunt list. Similar to the Christmas lights list. Hey, if they can do it for Christmas, we can do it for Halloween.

We were inspired to get this going after we found out that a house in Chesapeake had the cops called on them because she’s a scaredy cat. Hey, lady! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you missed the story, check it out below. There was another story about a home in New York that had the cops called on them because of the decorations. Check that one out below also.

Happy Halloween from all of us at The Eaghoul……