Jelly Roll Helps a Fan in a Wheelchair Crowd Surf to the Stage

Jelly Roll recently made one fans’ day when he invited him on stage to sing with him.  The fan in the audience is a wheelchair user and Jelly encouraged the audience to help him crowd surf his way to the stage.

The “Save Me” singer told the crowd, “We need to get him to the [effing] stage.  We need a lot of help, we can’t drop the ball on this one . . . this is big.  All hands on deck right here, boys, I appreciate y’all helping us.  Let’s get him up [the eff] right here.”

Once the guy was safely on stage, Jelly gave him a handshake, a big hug, and then they sang “Son of a Sinner”.

(PROFANITY WARNING:  There are F-bombs at 0:02 and 0:16 in the video.)

@onlyjellyroll Jelly Roll is the most amazing human being on this planet #jellyroll #concert ♬ Save Me (with Lainey Wilson) – Jelly Roll & Lainey Wilson